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Auditions for
Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Christmas Carol

by John Longenbaugh

Seeking 6 Men and 2 Women to play multiple roles. Roles listed below.
Also parts for 3 children 2 boys and 1 girl.


Audition: Saturday, October 18th, 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm at Valley Center Stage 119 W North Bend Way
Callbacks: Monday October 20th 7 pm - 9:00 pm Valley Center Stage 119 W North Bend Way

By both appointment and drop in.  To schedule an audition appointment and receive sides prior to the audition, please send a preferred date/time, resume and headshot to   Dropin’s are also encouraged and sides will be available the night of the audition

Show dates: Thursday - Saturday December 4th - December 20th

A short monologue and there will be reading from the script.

Click Here to Email us a headshot and your resumé.

About Us

Valley Center Stage is a community theatre in its 10th season with over 75 shows since 2003 with annual productions of A Christmas Carol in story theatre style, and recent shows including The Wind in the Willows (also in story theatre style), The Foreigner, Moon Over Buffalo, Dracula, The Curious Savage, and many others over the years, children theatre shows like Jack and the Beanstalk and The Emperor's New Clothes, interactive murder mysteries, old time radio shows, and special events.


SHERLOCK HOLMES AND THE CASE OF THE CHRISTMAS CAROL by John Longenbaugh – This is a blend of the works of two of English literature’s masters, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Charles Dickens.

After being presumed dead for three years following his battle with Professor Moriarty at the Reichenbach Falls, a hardened Sherlock Holmes resurfaces, turning his back on the people who need him most. Four unexpected callers arrive on Christmas Eve, uncovering clues from the detective's past, present and future that shed light on the trap the brilliant man’s mind has set for himself. Can they save Holmes and his world from a devastating conclusion all in one night?

Dramatis Personæ:

27 Speaking Roles played by 6 Men 2 Women 3 children (2 boys 1 girl)

Sherlock Holmes : (M 35-early 50s)

John Watson: (M mid 50s) ies. 

Prof. Moriarty: (M mid 40s-50s)

Mrs. Hudson: (F 50s)

Inspector Lestraude/em>: (M 35 - 50+)

Young Holmes: (M 18 - 25

Ghosts: (M/F any age)

Becky: (F Early 20s)

Mrs. Hudson: (F 50s)

Inspector Lestraude/em>: (M 35 - 50+)

Young Holmes: (M 18 - 25

Ghosts: (M/F any age)

Becky: (F Early 20s)

Constable: (M 20s - 50s)

Uncle Tim/em>: (M 35 - 50+)

Eli and Topper: (M boys 10 - 14 Street Urchins)

Men of the City: (M 50's -60s age)

Toff & Toff's Girl: (M & F 20s - 30)

Wiggins: (M 30s) An older version of Eli

IBritish and German Soldier: (M 20 - 30+) British and German accent needed

Head Nurse: (F 30 - 50)

Doctor: (M 30's - 50's)

Old Professor: (M 60's) an older Sherlock