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Come to a FREE PREVIEW show of Paul Sills' Story Theater at

SI VIEW METRO PARK Sat. July 26 at 1 pm.

"Paul Sills' Story Theatre" are a collection of folk tales and fables told in the “Story Theater” style, invented by Sills. All the trappings are created by the actors with their bodies and voices. The no-frills storytelling is captivating and fun and creates some evocative effects.

The cast includes Craig Ewing, Julia Buck, Ed Benson, Pasquale Vitullli, Joan and Ben Sanders, Rachel and Alex Friedman, David Selvig and Rachel Mills.

Paul Sills is best remembered as the genius co-founder and director of the celebrated Compass Players and Chicago's Second City comedy troupes. Sills left Second City in 1965 to form the Game Theater, where he coached Theater Games, his mother, Viola Spolin’s techniques. At the Game Theater, he discovered a new form, which he called Story Theater. The first production debuted at the Yale Drama School in the summer of 1968. Story Theatre went on to Broadway winning a Tony award and establishing Sills as a master of this new form.

Director Gary Schwartz worked directly with both Viola Spolin and Paul Sills for many years and is pleased to present an encore of this wonderful family show again the following week at Valley Center Stage, Friday evening August 1st and Saturday afternoon August 2nd. Tickets are $10 Adults; $5 for Children.